Sunday, May 2, 2010

A few new finds

Well, yesterday we went to an auction out in the country and of course it rained off and on all day.  Lots of stuff, but everything was getting wet because there were no canopies.  So.... anyway I did manage to get a few good buys.  Accidentally bought about 6 boxes of crap for a dollar.  Thought I was just bidding on one box of crap that had a few crafty things in it, but got a whole load of crap.  I did manage to salvage some stuff that wasn't totally getting ruined by the rain.  Got a bunch of ribbon for 8 bucks and  a basket off of a guy who just wanted Dale Earnhart magazines.  Nobody wanted the ugly green candle holder, so I got it for free since I missed that batch earlier.  Here is a pic of my basket and awsomely ornate and redone candle holder.   Forgot to take a picture of it the ugly green.  I spray painted it white and then stained it a nice oak color.  Just rubbed it on with an old sock.  I am really technical about the process of redoing old things.

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