Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I got a booth!!!!!!! I am now an official flea market carney!!!

Stopped by for a quick run through the furniture area yesterday for my fix for the day.  Gosh I sound like an addict.   I just get a rush when I find some hidden treasure that no one else has found or seen the potential in.  ------Anyway..... I started talking to the owner who probably thinks I am crazy, but highly entertaining, and she said 2, not just  1 booth, was opening up June 1st.  Then she said I could take my pick of which one I wanted.  How cool!  I got to pick the location plus I got to pick out a cool number for my booth.  I am number 33.  Was a good year for me.  I met my husband that year!  A blind date even!  HA! Never saw that coming.  Rambling again....starting to get off track.  I have just been giddy since then.  I am so stoked to get to finally be a flea market vendor like some kind of garage sale junkie with an outlet for their addiction.  I can't wait to decorate my space.  If anyone has any cool ideas, send them my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This picture is from our trip to San Francisco a few years back.  Just thought it looked cool with this post.  I will have to get a picture of my flea market with no name.  Funny.  Just a big white tin building that says FLEA MARKET>  Nothin' fancy, just like me.  Nothin' fancy, but it has character.

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