Monday, June 28, 2010

Need a fix

Went back home this weekend to visit family so I missed all of my junk huntin’ for the whole weekend.  I don’t think there are going to be any auctions this weekend either.  Going to have to make the garage sale scene  and get some stuff painted.  I do have to sand down my broken down table and paint it.  I put gorilla glue on it and it will look quite shabby chic once I get it painted and distressed.  I then have to paint the table at the end of the hall.  Hubs would like me to also paint the bedroom.  Lots to do I guess.  I just need to get a little bargain shopping done to hold me over for another 2 weeks. 

P1010601 Isn’t she just lovely?  Use your imagination.  She will shine once again , once I get done with her anyways.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I just love this ladder!



I just love this ladder!  I so want  to take it home with me, but it is very attractive and invites visitors into my booth.  Would you guess that I got this ladder and 2 others for 2 bucks at an old farm auction?  Had to give one away because it wouldn’t fit in my car.  I was happy to see that the bigger ladder I put in my space was gone and this little one is still here to make me smile just a little longer.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

She bids and she scores!!!!

 Russel Wright Modern Dinnerware circa 1939 - 1959.  This creamer bowl is so cool!  The sugar bowl is missing a lid, but everything else (6 cups and saucers, 6 bread and butter plates and 6 dinner plates) are all in mint condition.  So very excited to have found them!!!!! This set was what I wanted on the trailer of stuff displayed too.  I had never heard of Russel Wright or Steubenville before, but had a feeling they were worth something.  I feel bad about how low I paid after I came home and researched them.  I struck gold.  Will have to figure out how to work e-bay, since these are too nice to put in my booth.  Do not want someone to come by and drop one of these babies. Auctioneer told me not to let them go.  Guess he knew what he was talking about.  God was definitely smiling on me yesterday.  It truly was a perfect day.  Mary my new friend from the last auction was there and I made some new friends too.  Hubby even took me to McDonald's for lunch afterwards.  What a big spender!  Just teasing.  I actually like their little hamburgers and fries.  It did blow my diet, but "Oh well!  You only live once."  Might as well be happy with a bit of meat on your bones.  I do love my carbohydrates!  I did cut down on my sugar quite a bit this week though.

Aren't these just so cool??????

This sugar bowl is missing a lid, but it is in a rare color.  I think it is just the perfect shade of blue even though it is called cedar green.  I just love this set.  Would keep it for myself but I am clumsy and it would probably have a safer home somewhere else. Besides I think I can make my money back on my auction spending ror the last 3 months if I can sell it.

Anyone care for some corn on the cob?

Got this sandwiched in between some othe bowls I didn't even know that came with what I bid on.  It is just gorgeous!

Can't wait to bake a cake in one of these!

Got 6 of these.  I bought them from an old guy who just likes to bid on stuff and they were with his stash and I paid him for them.  Just 2 bucks for all 6.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Pillow giveaway

Go to and sign up for the awesome pillow giveaway.  These pillows are from a wonderful retailer Outer Banks Trading Company.  Lacefield Designs makes the pillows.  Anyway stop by the Inspired Room and check out all of the details.
Hope I win one.  They are the prettiest pillows I have ever seen made.

I have 15 followers! Hee hee

Made it to 15 followers tonight.  Too funny.  My husband thinks I am crazy for doing my goofy little blog.  Gives me something to do when everyone is in bed and am manic and can't sleep.  Just got done finishing cleaning the kitchen.  I made chicken fry, mashed potatoes and real homemade gravy made with the dripping from the chicken fry batter. Just like a good southern wife would do. My husband is not from the south (Chicago and Spokane) He got stuck with an Okie.  
 Was very proud of myself.  I don't like gravy and it usually ends up looking like mortar mix, but I tried really hard tonight and it turned out awesome!  My husband said it did anyway.  I double breaded the chicken fry's and they were great.  Last time I cooked them, they bled when we cut into them. Not a good sign.  They did however look very nice and crispy.  This time I cooked on a lower heat for a longer time.  Chicken fry isn't supposed to be bloody is it? 
I would like to say " Thanks! to you 14 followers! ( I am a follower too. My little area looked so sad with no one following when I started.  How pathetic of me.:(   Very excited to see that people are coming by every now and then. (even if they are just getting here by mistake) I know I am not that exciting but I try.  Going to an auction tomorrow.  Love this auctioneer.  He was the one that hauled my load of crap back to the house when my husband  was gone. He will be glad to see me again. HA!!!!   He did tell me to come this week though....  This time I won't need him to truck my stuff back to the house cuz the babysitter lives just a block away from this auction. I can just load up and haul it to her house for pickup from my poor husband later.  Free babysitting too tomorrow.  Girls are going swimming in their yard and gonna watch the baby.  How sweet.  They just love her.  I am one lucky mama when it comes to babysitter and her family.  Truly God put them in my path.  They are just angels.   Well, I have blabbed on and probably just boring you, but it is kind of fun to ramble on without anyone telling me to shutup!  I love to talk, but I am trying to be a better listener.  Love reading everyone's little stories on their blogs.  It's nice to know that there are other crazies out there like me and a lot of sane people that give some of us crazies great ideas.  I will leave you with a picture of my box of door parts..... got for a dollar with some other junk last week.  Imagine that!  Auctions are better than the Dollar General any old day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Giveaway at LaurieAnna's Vintage Home

Check out the Santos doll giveaway at  Her blog is just awesome.  I just found her and have heard about her wonderful shop on lots of other bloggers' sites.  She is celebrating 750 followers!  WoW!  I am happy to have 12.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

window to dining room wall art

Here is what I did with my old window I got at a garage sale.  The glass had already fallen out and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it and my wall was empty next to the dining room table.  How Boring!  Anyways, I decided to hang it there.  The color of the old paint blends well with our colors.  I put the little wreath on there that I had hanging somewhere else.  I think it will look better with a bigger wreath, but for now it works,  Even Steve said it looked good.  Ha ha 
Looking at it on this post, I must get a BIGGER wreath.   Garage sales start tomorrow!!!! Yea!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flowers and the many shades of hydrangeas on one bush!

I am linking to nifty thrifty tuesday

Checkout nifty thrifty tuesday at coastal charm.  She has a great site.  I am linking up wit one of my posts of auction finds.  Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Think I have a boring blog! How sad!

Got a feedgit thing that tells me where traffic is coming from on my blog.  Well it's mostly  coming from my house.  Did get two others today, but it still seems very sad.  I have to figure out what to do to jazz up my blogging.  I try to be funny.   I know I don't have enough of before and after because lately I feel like the before has too much character to be turned into an after.  I have been busy in my booth though and need to get some cool pics of my little vignettes that I have down.  Probably still not as impressive as some of the other way.... cooler sites showcasing all of their talents.  Well... today as I was dusting the table my husband had made for me for Christmas( which needed to be stained or painted), I just decided right then and there to whip out the stain I got on clearance and get after it.  Didn't take a before pic without stain, but I did manage to get a before picture of the mess.  So... without further adew or more boring rambling here is my before and after.  Pretty lame, but maybe one more person will accidentally hit the wrong button and end up here and see it.  Ha ha
I did get some pictures of my beautiful Hydraneas outside today, but I will put those up tomorrow.  Thinking about a giveaway to lure unsuspecting people to my crazy little blog.  What could I give away?
The before!  See the rose petals somebody who shall remain nameless dumped all over the floor.
The After!  All nice and neat! I love my new bird cage!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

biscuit tin and cool basket

Nifty little basket.  I thought it was cooler when he was holding it up than when I got it but it had some neat stuff in it.
I also got a huge rug with no stains for less than 5 bucks and 3 wood ladders for 2.  I gave one away cuz it wouldn't fit in the car.  I really just wanted the short one, but ended up with all three. 

 This is a square tin that says Sunshine Specialties made by Loose Wiles Biscuit Co. 
This is the original company started in Kansas City before they changed their name to sunshine biscuits in 1946 I think.  Sunshine still produces Cheese-Its which my daughter is in love with.  I really liked the stamping on the tin when I saw it in the sales ad for the auction.  No one wanted it.  I got it for 2 bucks I think.  Can't decide if I want to keep it or sell it. 

Pictures from my outing to the auction

Binoculars??? Came with the biscuit tin I wanted.  Had to take em.  Maybe someone will want to buy them out of my booth.   It kinda creeps me out to wonder what people were looking at with them at one time. 

Cool apple crate.  Came with the biscuit tin for a whole, get this, 2 dollars!

Came with the- can you say biscuit tin????
I only got one skate in a box of old door parts, but it was a nice surprise even if it didn't have it's mate.  It will look cool on somebody's shelf/  Wonder what happened to the other one.  It's probably only been lost for about 80 years or so....

This little crock has a cork top and says "made in England" on  the bottom.
Definitely not going to keep this either.  Someone who loves mustard can sweep this baby right out of my little booth.

Sweet little music box.  Says it's made in Switzerland.  Wonder if he's worth anything.  Kinda cute.  Came with basket of stuff I got.

Platter came with basket.  Salt and pepper shakers came with my new friend Suzi's stuff and she gave 'em to me when she saw the kind of ugly platter.  Why can I not pass up a dollar sale?

Nice little surprise!  Don't know if it is worth anything, but it is bright and cheery -- a little bottle of sunshine.

Old antique laundry hamper.  It has metal hinges and is stamped with some company and says Hawkeye.  If anyone knows what this might be worth I would like to know.  It is very old.  Couldn't find any pics on internet of one like it except a Longabarger knockoff of this original antique.

Garage sale find last week!  Might paint her white.  Think she fits in better in my house the way she is though.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun day! No tantrums and some good deals.

Went to an auction in a little tiny town where the real estate being offered was built around 1886 so there were some really old things.  Wish I had a pickup truck once again.  Could have gotten some really good deals.  I would make a killing selling this stuff around Chicago at the bargain basement prices here.  I can't really remember all the little things I got. Nothing really spectacular, but a few neat little goodies.  Will take and upload pictures later.  I should have gotten pics of the old house.  It was too cool.

Monday, June 7, 2010

More of my auction finds -- all for a dollar each --

These were getting a light shower when I tooked the picture.  I just noticed them blooming this morning.

My three shelves with brackets for a dollar

Gorgeous rusty old knobs.  Keyholes even.

I haven't seen doorknobs like this before.  Very old.

set of shutters for a dollar-- will look nice after they are cleaned up--will be ready to sell then

Love the pattern the chippy paint is making on my primitive shelves.

other set of shutters I got for a dollar-- can't wa\it to bring out their beauty

detail on the top of my brass lamp i got --- solid brass and very heavy

sweet shelf made out of slats -- can't decide whether I want to keep it or not

Steve said we can redo the seat on this -- it is in good shape for as ancient as it is

got a stack of bushel baskets-- guess how much they were -- one dollar for the set--
sat them upside down to get the mud off the bottoms with the rain that was starting to fall.

brass detail on lamp

i need to cut some of these and bring inside -- i love the hint of violet in the blossoms

Old doors

rickety old table -- no one wanted her -- look at the fancy legs -- she has potential I think