Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Booth in gear

Today I had a few hours to acutally get some stuff to the new booth.  My husband watched Miss Willow for a couple of hours while I drug the big stuff up there to put stuff on.  The owner was out fighting a fire since he is a volunteer firefighter so my shelves will hve to wait to be hung til tomorrow.  I did manage to buy some from a nice man that is getting rid of some of his and got a good deal on an old tall white shelf.  He has another one I may get also that is metal for just 10 bucks.  What a deal! 

My booth is looking very cool I think with my lace curtains, old door and white shutters.  I think it is going to look great when I get it all finished.  Tomorrow I have to haul the rest of my stuff up and figure out where I want the owner to hang me some shelves up.  YEA!  EVERYTHING IS STARTING TO COME TOGETHER!!!!  Willow is excited too. ha ha
this is a tree in my backyard!  Isn't it just gorgeous?Little Willow is excited for mommy.  ha ha  She is just having fun with daddy.

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