Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new pics of some of my junky finds

Can't even tell you how cheap I got this for.  In rotten shape on top, but it is beautiful to me.  Going to redo the top .  Can't decide if I want to keep it or sell it. Will look good in a display.isn't this just gorgeous?  75 cents!

Great fine.  LOVE this crate!!!! Awesome deal too.  Can't wait to use it in a display

Love this scale!  Got it for 4 bucks!!!!! It was on the 75% off table.  What a deal!!!!

Cool old sewing box and funky corner candle holder that something must be done to in order to bring it back to modern society.

Was in a box of junk I got.  Gonna paint it black I think.

All my cool old bottles I got!  Over 60 for a dollar.  Aren't auctions awesome?

My spare room is starting to look like Sanford and Son.  What a mess!!!!!! I don't get my booth til june 1st, so I am just piling stuff in here.  There is a stack of hubby's clothes that don't fit and a clean mattress cover and a desk that has a top somewhere under all the clutter. 

Punch bowl and beautiful little candy dish.  Got that for a quarter I think.  Bowl for 3 bucks.

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