Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day's results

Started out late, but made it to a decent auction with a few garage sale stops along the way.  Willow was in a good mood and the babysitter's daughter came along for the fun of it.  She is such a doll.  In the 4th grade and is so helpful and too funny.  I think the auction bug is rubbing off on her.  She was even helping me tag this evening.  We ended up with a car load for less than twenty bucks.  LOTS OF PICTURE FRAMES!!!WHAT WAS I THINKING?? CHEAP! I am a sucker for a dollar a box.  Gotta be able to make some money off of them in my booth.  Shine em up and set em out!  My booth is gonna look like a Hallmark display.  Got a really ugly chair to redo and a really ugly end table to use to sit things on in my booth.  Doubt anyone will buy it.  Only was 2 bucks so when I get better display stuff, I can just put a free sign on it.  ha ha

Also found out I can get my stuff in a week early so I have to get everything tagged.  So..... excited!  I hope I do well.  Would like to make a small profit or even out.  A really big profit would be Awesome!

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