Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Booth Pics

Isn't my itoning board awesome?

My old scale and mason jars look too cool!

I love this table even though the top is in tatters.  Love the detail work.

I have at least 3 basketfuls of frames at home that still need tagged/

I added nails to my door to hang stuff from it.  It is taking up space, so it needs to be useful, not just vintage cool.

Don't quite know what to do with this end table and rack on top of it.
Here are pictures of my booth space.  So glad to get it almost done.  Going to put up shelves tomorrow and a place to hang clothes to sell too.  I wish I had more space already.  I found an old ironing board today when I stopped in another junk mart.  It works perfect for putting stuff on.  Very sturdy and it isn't wobbly.  Wouldn't want a wobbly ironing board.  That would definitely not be a good idea especially when your iron weighed about 5 pounds back in the day.  I sure wouldn't want to drop that on my foot.  Hope you like my pics and like what I have done so far.  It needs more lace curtains in background or some kind of fabric.  I would also like to add a ladder across the top to hang stuff off of too.  I am putting some of Willow's old baby clothes and toys in tomorrow.  I wish I could just leave the whole vintage look going all the way, but I need to get rid of some of the stuff that is taking up space in her room and our closets.


  1. WOW at the stuff! Looks great. Be blessed. Cindy

  2. I just bought some doors to make a wall in my space! I hung a drop cloth to create a wall but doesn't really work to hang stuff on. Love your ironing board!


  3. I love your booth and all your cool stuff! I want to go there and poke around and look at everything and maybe buy this and this and this. So creative!

  4. Lots of cool mounting ideas! That old door is a beauty.


  5. Love your junk!! I need a couple of those cool blue mason jars!!