Thursday, April 29, 2010

new bulletin board

Here's a picture of the new bulletin board I made.  I sold one yesterday at school and got that one finished today, but didn't get picture of it yet.  I am going to start making these and selling them if I get a booth opened at the antique mall here.  I found a load of frames I can buy at LOW prices.  Think I have found a place to get extra fabric scraps from upholstry and drapery projects too.  I am so.... excited that everything is falling into place. 
Found this cool but strange light fixture for 3 bucks a couple of weeks ago.  Think I will paint it white and distress it with another color.  I think it will be nice once it is refurbished.  It's very heavy so I don't know if I want to hang it in our house.  I will probably try to sell it in my booth once I get one anyways.  ha ha

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