Thursday, June 17, 2010

window to dining room wall art

Here is what I did with my old window I got at a garage sale.  The glass had already fallen out and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it and my wall was empty next to the dining room table.  How Boring!  Anyways, I decided to hang it there.  The color of the old paint blends well with our colors.  I put the little wreath on there that I had hanging somewhere else.  I think it will look better with a bigger wreath, but for now it works,  Even Steve said it looked good.  Ha ha 
Looking at it on this post, I must get a BIGGER wreath.   Garage sales start tomorrow!!!! Yea!!!!


  1. Cute, Terra! I think that's super cute!

  2. Hi Terra!! This is a great piece... I love old windows... but I've yet to get one!! Love all your finds! I like that mustard jar LOL... :) And the bird cage thingy... I think it would be pretty white and you could link it to White Wednesday at Faded Charm Blog!!

    Nice to meet you!!
    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions