Sunday, June 20, 2010

She bids and she scores!!!!

 Russel Wright Modern Dinnerware circa 1939 - 1959.  This creamer bowl is so cool!  The sugar bowl is missing a lid, but everything else (6 cups and saucers, 6 bread and butter plates and 6 dinner plates) are all in mint condition.  So very excited to have found them!!!!! This set was what I wanted on the trailer of stuff displayed too.  I had never heard of Russel Wright or Steubenville before, but had a feeling they were worth something.  I feel bad about how low I paid after I came home and researched them.  I struck gold.  Will have to figure out how to work e-bay, since these are too nice to put in my booth.  Do not want someone to come by and drop one of these babies. Auctioneer told me not to let them go.  Guess he knew what he was talking about.  God was definitely smiling on me yesterday.  It truly was a perfect day.  Mary my new friend from the last auction was there and I made some new friends too.  Hubby even took me to McDonald's for lunch afterwards.  What a big spender!  Just teasing.  I actually like their little hamburgers and fries.  It did blow my diet, but "Oh well!  You only live once."  Might as well be happy with a bit of meat on your bones.  I do love my carbohydrates!  I did cut down on my sugar quite a bit this week though.

Aren't these just so cool??????

This sugar bowl is missing a lid, but it is in a rare color.  I think it is just the perfect shade of blue even though it is called cedar green.  I just love this set.  Would keep it for myself but I am clumsy and it would probably have a safer home somewhere else. Besides I think I can make my money back on my auction spending ror the last 3 months if I can sell it.

Anyone care for some corn on the cob?

Got this sandwiched in between some othe bowls I didn't even know that came with what I bid on.  It is just gorgeous!

Can't wait to bake a cake in one of these!

Got 6 of these.  I bought them from an old guy who just likes to bid on stuff and they were with his stash and I paid him for them.  Just 2 bucks for all 6.


  1. Oh girl, I love it all! You aced it! Be blessed. Cindy

  2. Those are fabulous!
    Don't ever feel guilty about getting a great deal! :-)

  3. What fun finds, lovin' the speckles on the pink bowl-enjoy!

  4. So totally cool! I've been looking in all the wrong places for a sweet little tea cup and saucer. Maybe a thrift store is the best place to go ???

    Love this blog - I came over from Coastal Charming and am your newest follower.

    Join my blog link list if you'd like.

  5. You scored. I just found some steubenville pieces at goodwill. I was very excited to find them. Good for you.