Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have 15 followers! Hee hee

Made it to 15 followers tonight.  Too funny.  My husband thinks I am crazy for doing my goofy little blog.  Gives me something to do when everyone is in bed and am manic and can't sleep.  Just got done finishing cleaning the kitchen.  I made chicken fry, mashed potatoes and real homemade gravy made with the dripping from the chicken fry batter. Just like a good southern wife would do. My husband is not from the south (Chicago and Spokane) He got stuck with an Okie.  
 Was very proud of myself.  I don't like gravy and it usually ends up looking like mortar mix, but I tried really hard tonight and it turned out awesome!  My husband said it did anyway.  I double breaded the chicken fry's and they were great.  Last time I cooked them, they bled when we cut into them. Not a good sign.  They did however look very nice and crispy.  This time I cooked on a lower heat for a longer time.  Chicken fry isn't supposed to be bloody is it? 
I would like to say " Thanks! to you 14 followers! ( I am a follower too. My little area looked so sad with no one following when I started.  How pathetic of me.:(   Very excited to see that people are coming by every now and then. (even if they are just getting here by mistake) I know I am not that exciting but I try.  Going to an auction tomorrow.  Love this auctioneer.  He was the one that hauled my load of crap back to the house when my husband  was gone. He will be glad to see me again. HA!!!!   He did tell me to come this week though....  This time I won't need him to truck my stuff back to the house cuz the babysitter lives just a block away from this auction. I can just load up and haul it to her house for pickup from my poor husband later.  Free babysitting too tomorrow.  Girls are going swimming in their yard and gonna watch the baby.  How sweet.  They just love her.  I am one lucky mama when it comes to babysitter and her family.  Truly God put them in my path.  They are just angels.   Well, I have blabbed on and probably just boring you, but it is kind of fun to ramble on without anyone telling me to shutup!  I love to talk, but I am trying to be a better listener.  Love reading everyone's little stories on their blogs.  It's nice to know that there are other crazies out there like me and a lot of sane people that give some of us crazies great ideas.  I will leave you with a picture of my box of door parts..... got for a dollar with some other junk last week.  Imagine that!  Auctions are better than the Dollar General any old day!

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