Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures from my outing to the auction

Binoculars??? Came with the biscuit tin I wanted.  Had to take em.  Maybe someone will want to buy them out of my booth.   It kinda creeps me out to wonder what people were looking at with them at one time. 

Cool apple crate.  Came with the biscuit tin for a whole, get this, 2 dollars!

Came with the- can you say biscuit tin????
I only got one skate in a box of old door parts, but it was a nice surprise even if it didn't have it's mate.  It will look cool on somebody's shelf/  Wonder what happened to the other one.  It's probably only been lost for about 80 years or so....

This little crock has a cork top and says "made in England" on  the bottom.
Definitely not going to keep this either.  Someone who loves mustard can sweep this baby right out of my little booth.

Sweet little music box.  Says it's made in Switzerland.  Wonder if he's worth anything.  Kinda cute.  Came with basket of stuff I got.

Platter came with basket.  Salt and pepper shakers came with my new friend Suzi's stuff and she gave 'em to me when she saw the kind of ugly platter.  Why can I not pass up a dollar sale?

Nice little surprise!  Don't know if it is worth anything, but it is bright and cheery -- a little bottle of sunshine.

Old antique laundry hamper.  It has metal hinges and is stamped with some company and says Hawkeye.  If anyone knows what this might be worth I would like to know.  It is very old.  Couldn't find any pics on internet of one like it except a Longabarger knockoff of this original antique.

Garage sale find last week!  Might paint her white.  Think she fits in better in my house the way she is though.

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