Monday, June 14, 2010

I Think I have a boring blog! How sad!

Got a feedgit thing that tells me where traffic is coming from on my blog.  Well it's mostly  coming from my house.  Did get two others today, but it still seems very sad.  I have to figure out what to do to jazz up my blogging.  I try to be funny.   I know I don't have enough of before and after because lately I feel like the before has too much character to be turned into an after.  I have been busy in my booth though and need to get some cool pics of my little vignettes that I have down.  Probably still not as impressive as some of the other way.... cooler sites showcasing all of their talents.  Well... today as I was dusting the table my husband had made for me for Christmas( which needed to be stained or painted), I just decided right then and there to whip out the stain I got on clearance and get after it.  Didn't take a before pic without stain, but I did manage to get a before picture of the mess.  So... without further adew or more boring rambling here is my before and after.  Pretty lame, but maybe one more person will accidentally hit the wrong button and end up here and see it.  Ha ha
I did get some pictures of my beautiful Hydraneas outside today, but I will put those up tomorrow.  Thinking about a giveaway to lure unsuspecting people to my crazy little blog.  What could I give away?
The before!  See the rose petals somebody who shall remain nameless dumped all over the floor.
The After!  All nice and neat! I love my new bird cage!

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  1. The table looks beautiful- also, I love your wall color. I wouldn't call your blog boring. If you want to increase feedback and traffic, get involved in the community. Comment on many other blogs, join as many "link parties" as related forums as possible and simply interact. And of course, have fun. I'm a new follower so I'll be here reading! Good luck!