Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some of my bigger auction finds. HOT HOT HOT Day!

My cheapo depot desk for 2 bucks!

My trunk and wobbly table in background

Got this lazy boy rocker for a steal.  Maybe I can sell it and make a little profit. Somebody will want it.

One of my antique doors.  A buck for one and one for free.

primitive shelf aka scrap wood my husband says
Spent all day at the auction.  Got a load to bring home.  Auctioneer even took it to my house, cuz I said I didn't have any way to haul it because my hubby was gone.  Thought he was joking, but he was serious.  Got some shutters, pegboard, art supplies, shelves and brackets, an old chair, a nice solid brass pole lamp, set of nice pottery cups (8), and misc. junk that I can put in my booth.  It was a fun day! Very hot, but what deals there were.  Wish I had more money, I could have really raked it in.  Of course, I would be finding a new place to live after hauling all my "treasures" home.  Oh I got 7 galvanized pails for a dollar and a stack of bushel baskets for a dollar and a really cool slatted shelf.  Who knows what else I forgot about in the back of my trunk too.  My friend says I need to go to AA meetings  ___ Auctions Anonymous, because I am addicted.  All day in the heat, she thought I was crazy.

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  1. LOVE your finds! thanks for stopping by my blog. About the wires on the window pane. I used eye hooks. I screwed in the holes first. Then put in the hooks and twisted the wire. I actually have more holes in case I wanted more wire.