Wednesday, April 14, 2010

other odds and ends I have found

Found these cool wall shelves with curly scrolling designs.  Of course, I am going to paint them white to go in my precious little one's room.  Think I may put little tea cups from my collection (that hasn't seen daylight since we moved) on them.  Will be so sweet and dainty on her wall.  Only 2 bucks each.

Little shelf was 3 bucks.  Think I am going to hang it above table in hallway and get som letters or blocks or small pics in little small frames to put in it.  Definitely going to paint it too.  Oh.... when will I do all of this painting?

My lonely little candle stick holder was just a buck!  Think I will just leave it alone and let it be it's natural woodsy self.  Getting late and I am starting to get loopy.  Seems to be past my bed time.  I am starting to make up words.  You would never know that I can teach English as well as art. 

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  1. You blog is looking great Terra! I too want to learn how to knit! :)
    -Sarah from Create Studio