Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yet another giveaway post!

Junkology is giving away a cool hat or tee in their "What is it?" give away contest.  I couldn't figure out what it was, but I am sure someone knows.  Plus, of course, there are other ways to win.

I woke up at 6 am this morning.  I laid Willow down and fell asleep with her at 9 and didn't wake up til this morning.  I even fell asleep with my contacts in.  I slept really good.  I didn't even want to go back to bed after I got up.  I have been looking at the give-aways ( I don't know if I am spelling that right).  Maybe I will win something.  I don't really have much else to post about.  My camera was locked up and hubs just got it fixed for me last night.  I did sand down my delapidated old table with a sander to get the gorilla glue blobs sanded off.  I used an electric sander all by myself.  I used the elbow grease method for the rest of it.  Still have a little bit to go, but it is getting there.  Weeded in the yard which should be a before picture.  Almost down with the landscaping around the front of the house.  The back of my legs really hurt from bending down.  Today I think I am going to try to dig up the old shrubs in the front that I hate.  Hate little cedar trees.  Just ugly.

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