Friday, July 2, 2010



HAVEN’T BEEN BARGAIN HUNTING FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS NOW!!!! Hubs is watching Willow tomorrow so I will get to hunt without watching little hands grab and want germ-ridden toys.  I also won’t have to worry about her breaking something mommy doesn’t have the money to pay for either.  She, luckily, has never broken anything.  She is usually really pretty good about looking without touching, but she is starting to get a mind of her own now and will occasionally grab what she can reach.  Not good when what she can reach is an antique glass dish that costs more than a couple of dollars.  I will not know what to do without her.  I am excited at the thought of roaming in the heat til my heart’s content though.  Watch out!  Here I come with a pocket full of ones!  Ha HaP1010655

With momma’s purse—a bargain shopper in training!

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